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LP WIP 1 by boh-slayer666 LP WIP 1 :iconboh-slayer666:boh-slayer666 1 0 Negative by boh-slayer666 Negative :iconboh-slayer666:boh-slayer666 1 0 Glass Flowers by boh-slayer666 Glass Flowers :iconboh-slayer666:boh-slayer666 1 0 Thinking... by boh-slayer666 Thinking... :iconboh-slayer666:boh-slayer666 3 2 Disturbed Guy by boh-slayer666 Disturbed Guy :iconboh-slayer666:boh-slayer666 4 0 Angel by boh-slayer666 Angel :iconboh-slayer666:boh-slayer666 2 0
Mature content
Placebo :iconboh-slayer666:boh-slayer666 0 2
Kurt Cobain - Legend by boh-slayer666 Kurt Cobain - Legend :iconboh-slayer666:boh-slayer666 0 1
Within the walls of my mind
Is something that many wish they had.
Many have been looking to find
The power that many consider being bad.
They used it against me,
And the force was strong,
But i still defeated them,
With music, they thought was wrong
You have always lied to everyone
And lost everyone's trust
Don't think for this one time
That you'll regain the one thing you need most
(the love from the person that left you behind)
She's lying on the floor
With a knife in her heart,
But you don't care,
You tore her apart
And with the lie you tell yourself
You can't deny that it was your fault.
You held her so high into the burning light
It was bound to happen that she would fall
Fall into the arms of one that dares to harm
:iconboh-slayer666:boh-slayer666 0 0
Torn Apart
A:Reverse psycology,
failing miserably,
its so hard,
to be left all alone
Telling you is the,
only chance for me,
theres nothing left
but to turn and face you
Z:Ask you to come back to my arms
Cuz I've fallen victim to your charms
You got me beggin on my knees
I ask this of you, baby, please
Why did we just fall apart
Was it all bad from the start
Was is never meant to be
What was the problem we couldnt see?
A:when i look into your eyes
theres nothing there to see
nothing but my own mistakes
staring back at me
asking why i stay
when you just push away
no matter what you say
your still so blind to me
Z:The light is so strong
I cant see too far ahead
If thing continue this way
One of us could end up dead
I never thought things could get this hard
That I could be something to discard
Set on the side like an age old toy
Something you used to enjoy
:iconboh-slayer666:boh-slayer666 0 0
Mature content
Just You And Me :iconboh-slayer666:boh-slayer666 3 1
Someone's lost a parnter,
Someone's lost a friend,
I know I won't make it,
I cant survive the end.
Many painful memories,
Made so long ago,
Now its time to reveal the scars,
Left for me to show
I have wounds so very real,
Holes that will never fill,
Its hard to remember,
Why he had the urge to kill.
But I'm not gone
Though I'm soon dead
Remember me, my love,
Never live in dread
You'll always be in my heart,
For now and forever.
And I'll wait for eternity,
For up to be again together.
Take my hand and say a prayer,
My love, my time is at an end.
I love you with all my heart,
My Romeo, My love, My friend...
:iconboh-slayer666:boh-slayer666 1 0
Forget it 'Losing my mind'
Forget it,
Its over,
Im through with this shit!
Your days of tormenting me
Are gone, just like the memories
You haunt me with
Depending on you is done,
Giving to you is done,
No more eating or sleeping or living,
Its all just giving to you and IM DONE!
You fucked me up for the last time,
Im not acting as a pawn in your games,
I wish you would go back to the days,
Where I wouldn't dread waking up
To face another day of torture
Just take the twisted memories and leave,
I once thought ou could help me,
But I thought wrong!
Forget it,
Im done,
See what you've caused?
Fuck this, you've killed me
I lost you long ago
And now you fight back
I gave up my mind
When  gave up my sanity
You were my mind
Untill you fucked me over
Forget it,
Its over,
Bang, bang
Forget it...
:iconboh-slayer666:boh-slayer666 0 0
Visions - Part 1
He watches as her mind warps
He tries to calm her down,
but the visions are too violent
He grabs her hands and holds on tight
She closes her eyes to stop the pain,
The visions too strong to handle,
The scars on her body open,
Dark red vengance flows
She passes out, falling into his arms,
He catches her an holds her close,
He thinks shes ok as he wipes the tears away,
Her blood intoxicates him
She feels him sink his fangs into her neck,
Feels him turn her,
Feels the poison burn her
He knows she is his eternal queen,
She knows she wont wake from her dream
:iconboh-slayer666:boh-slayer666 0 1
tiger by boh-slayer666 tiger :iconboh-slayer666:boh-slayer666 0 1 flame skull by boh-slayer666 flame skull :iconboh-slayer666:boh-slayer666 8 3


This is structure_BL by Leox90 This is structure_BL :iconleox90:Leox90 102 50 Cloud Strife:1st Class Soldier by Negshin Cloud Strife:1st Class Soldier :iconnegshin:Negshin 11,249 716
Manafest 'No Plan B' :iconchrisbstacey:chrisbstacey 208 75
Trinity by ornicar Trinity :iconornicar:ornicar 3,411 221 .:Splatter BRUSHES Photoshop:. by violet-electric .:Splatter BRUSHES Photoshop:. :iconviolet-electric:violet-electric 1,123 217 Skull by BD3illustrations Skull :iconbd3illustrations:BD3illustrations 1,718 315 Venomous Venin by wolfbane652 Venomous Venin :iconwolfbane652:wolfbane652 25 22 RAGE by wolfbane652 RAGE :iconwolfbane652:wolfbane652 493 120 Sephiroth by panPanini Sephiroth :iconpanpanini:panPanini 679 375 Fire Elemental by Thammuz Fire Elemental :iconthammuz:Thammuz 23 27 Dragon Of Light by supersonicsteve Dragon Of Light :iconsupersonicsteve:supersonicsteve 3 1 BlueEyesUltimateFractalDragon by supersonicsteve BlueEyesUltimateFractalDragon :iconsupersonicsteve:supersonicsteve 3 0
Chapter One
"So... what's his story? I've never seen someone like him."
"Xander? You won't meet another... well, it's easier to tell you the story than to try and explain..."

It starts off real simple... Man finds a book. A tome so old, it's literally falling apart; buried underneath the Earth since time immemorial. Book is said to contain some of the most powerful spells ever devised. The strongest barriers, the most lethal attacks, regenerative abilities that can pull one back from the threshold. Magic so old that the verbal incantations are lost to history.
Through some bookwork, he finds that the words weren't lost, they never were. None of these spells have ever been spoken aloud, because they can't be; not properly. It would come out as unintelligible gibberish.
He also learns some of the massive history behind the book. The confirmed history is that the book itself started as Sumerian, proven by the type of binding and parchment, but the language and spells inside are second to none. So
:iconanarchicwolf:AnarchicWolf 18 21
Spine by tattooedone Spine :icontattooedone:tattooedone 543 242



Oh, you know you want it
Akiru Livet - Writer, Designer, Student

Current Residence: Australia
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Rock, Techno, Hardcore
Favourite style of art: Traditional
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Harvey Birdman
Personal Quote: Confucious says - One who sleep with hand in plant wakes with dirty fingers
So far, these holidays are crap. and boring as all fuck. i feel like starting to collaborate with someone. but i dunno...will you guys help me out?
  • Watching: TV
  • Playing: Laptop
  • Drinking: JUICE


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